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IDEO Tokyo Aominami Yoshioka Kosan Bill 2F, Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Minamiaoyama, 5-4-35

Startup Weekend Tokyo International @ IDEO Tokyo

The first Startup Weekend is going to take place first time at IDEO Tokyo!


No Talk, All Action: once again in Tokyo! And all in English!
Startup Weekend Tokyo International will be like a usual Startup Weekend in Tokyo. Just one difference: we’ll do it all in English

Bringing together diverse people

With this event we are aiming to bring together many people from various countries and cultures, to work on their ideas in diverse, multi-cultural teams during the event.
Our coaches and judges will also be from various countries.

Requirements for the participants

Nothing special, if you have basic English communication skills you’ll be fine.
For the Friday night pitches, if you’d like to pitch your idea, we would like to ask you to prepare your pitch in English



Jul 25
  • Registration Starts
  • Dinner & Networking
  • Pitches - 1st Discussion - Vote - Winners pitches - 2nd Discussion - Team Forming
  • Venue Closing


Jul 26
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Lunch
  • (optional) Coaches' table
  • Dinner
  • Venue Closing


Jul 27
  • Arrive, simple breakfast & coffee
  • Lunch
  • Coaches arrive… ASK QUESTIONS
  • Tech Checks
  • Judging & awards
  • Wrapup party
  • Go home!
Good Sponsor

Jason Winder

Co Founder - MakeLeaps   |   LinkedIn

Jason Winder arrived to Japan in 2001 originally to study martial arts. In 2003, Jason set up an IT service business called Webnet IT. In 2010, Jason co-founded a SaaS company called MakeLeaps, that helps Japanese freelancers, businesses and enterprise manage their invoices and back office.

Chiew Farn Chung

Founder - ClassDo   |  

Chiew's math teacher showed him how to write a simple program in GW Basic when he was 13. Since then computers have been a very large part of his life.

Chiew represented Singapore for the International Computer Programming competition at 15, spent almost a decade building very large computer systems for multinational manufacturers and banks. He is a co-founder of ClassDo ( ) , a platform that allows students to discover teachers from 90+ countries for one-to-one online lessons. ClassDo has been featured on global mainstream newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal and the Straits Times.


Tom Coombs

Man Woman & Child   |   LinkedIn

Tom has had key roles in creating the user experience for several US startups, for example, Dabo Health, Lendstreet, Zuman (apps), and he has also worked for major companies such as Sony, HP & Nokia.

His work covers strategic UX, and UI design, and is mostly for companies on the US West Coast / Silicon Valley.

Tom is originally from England and lives in Tokyo where he runs the UX design agency 'Man Woman & Child'.

Tim Romero

Engine Yard K.K.   |   LinkedIn

Tim is a Japan-based, serial-entrepreneur working to change the landscape of Japanese start-ups. He feels there is tremendous creativity, passion and productivity in Japan, and the ecosystem to support and foster these people is slowly coming into being.

Tim is currently working at Engine Yard to bring commercial grade cloud computing to not only Japan's biggest firms, but individual start-ups as well.

In the past, he founded and grew two Tokyo-based technology firms, published numerous articles, served on the board of a public Japanese corporation, and has coordinated and managed outsourced software development and QA teams on every continent except Antarctica.

He's also writing about Entrepreneurship in Japan on his blog Starting Things Up In Japan.

Paul McMahon

Co-founder Doorkeeper   |   LinkedIn

Paul is originally from Vancouver, Canada. He's been living in Tokyo since 2006.

His background is in software development and he has wide experience working with web technologies and SaaS type businesses. To follow a more entrepreneurial path, he started his own company in 2008. In July 2013 he co-founded Doorkeeper Inc to focus on the Doorkeeper service.

He's also writing about being a foreign developer in Japan on his blog Tokyo Dev.

Alexander Williams

CEO, Unscramble   |   LinkedIn

Alex Williams is the CEO of Unscramble, an OnLab startup graduate. He created, a web service for helping companies reach enterprise customers. His previous work includes ops and enterprise software at GitHub.

Mateus Bagatini

Dupla Face, Brainstormer   |   LinkedIn

Formerly graphic designer, than after 5 years working with Branding and Design, moved from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro, and turned his career and started working with Brand Strategy at Tátil Design.

Also in Rio joined Pipa, Tátil's School and Venture Capital for Startups Movements based on shared values purposes. After this experience, founded his own project Called "Dupla Face", meetups for new entrepreneurs and startups. Project that is becoming a kind of agency to empower startups with world change ideas.

By now working at QuesttoNó, a Brazilian company focused in Product Design, Research, User Experience and Branding.

Chris Palmieri

Managing Director at AQ   |   LinkedIn

Chris Palmieri is managing director at AQ, a design studio which creates products and services that help people do great things and learn from the world around them.

He has worked with cultural organizations, global brands and hungry startups to build websites and apps used by millions of people around the world.

Chris moved to Tokyo in 2001 to begin his design practice after studying graphic design and Japanese aesthetics at the University of Illinois.

Liu Yan

Founder and Chief Catalyst at Ask Lab   |   LinkedIn

Liu Yan is a community builder, a social entrepreneur, an innovator and a mother. She is one of the key eco-system builders of the startup scene in Shanghai. In 2009, She established Xindanwei, the first coworking center in China, international innovation hub and one of the "World Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in China" listed by FastCompany. She is the author of “Coworking Manual” – a book published at App Store under Creative Commons to help entrepreneurs to set up coworking community. In 2013, she founded ASK LAB - a social enterprise that connects talent and idea's with business challenges through co-creation and experiential learning. In 2014, She co-founded Loving the Crowd - a crowd funding consultancy firm dedicated to hardware startups and makers. She has also been the lead organiser of Startup Weekend Shanghai in the past years.

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